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Octopizzo Illuminati?

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I guess if you reading this you already knoe Octopizzo. There have been allegations of him being a member of illuminati which is a satanic movement/group. I don’t want to judge or anything, I just want to bring out what I have seen to your attention for you to discern by yourself and decide wheither I am right or not.

Octopizzo released his new video of the song ”Ivo Ivo” on Sept 2 and truth be told, I ain’t that spiritual but I was disturbed by what I saw and heard him sing. There are a lot of illuminati symbolism and ”funny” lyrics to the song. The song is getting quite good media play hitting the 10,000 view mark on YouTube in under 48 hours of its release.

Octo has used a lot of illuminati symbolism in his video and from my first look at it, what came to my mind was Jay-Z’s ”Onto the next one”. From the ”burning dice” representing hell, the ”bloody skull” representing the freemansonry right of passage on Jay-Z’s video.

Octo has more or less tried incoporating the symbols to his video using a ”burning shoe” representing the ”burning dice” and ”bloody grapes” representing the ”bloody skull”.

Octo uses Jay-Z’s trademark and the obvious ”eye in the pyramid”, hand sign all through the song showing it in various forms. If you are also very keen you will notice that he also has a custom ”eye in the pyramid” shaved on his head with his signature ”8” replacing the all seeing eye.

Part of the lyrics that i found somewhat disturbing is ”Ivo nd me huspit ka lucifer” and Ivo Ivo sounds like ”Evil Evil”. Open your eyes guys.

I don’t want to make this long since i want you to and listen the song keenly and get the truth by yourself. I appreciate his efforts and kudos to the HD video clip, but that aside, lets call a spade a spade and look at it as it is. Lets not be blinded by all the hype of it and forget the whole meaning of the song. Thats just me, you tell me what you think by commenting below. Lets share this with everyone and lets spread the truth.


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